Ever heard of Burundi?
Its one of the poorest nations on the planet, and according to 2013 statistics “The Hungriest” nation in the world. Out of the 10 million Burundians, 2% have power in their homes, one in 15 has HIV/Aids and it is currently $700 Million in the Negative against the World Bank (due to a “debt relief” agreement giving certain investors in the world bank the ability to set-up mine
s on Burundian soil.)
In 2005, 3,905 kg’s of gold with a current market price of $156,546,373 was mined (gold price is about double what it was ten years ago). if you times this amount by 8 years, assuming mining hasn’t increased and remembering gold peaked at over $65,000 a KG a few years ago, and is about 40k now, this should have certainly been enough to pay off their debts, but it isn’t. How does this work you ask? Americans.
They own the world bank and they own the companies, that own the diggers, that mine the gold and take the profits.The rich getting richer while the poor are so poor they cant even eat. Burundi will never be out of debt. Its time to wake up. Of course you haven’t heard about this place until now. why would the media report this? How many other places are this bad in the world? and why do we hold more value in a piece of metal then we do in another human life? some of us can see the change. some of us can facilitate the change, and some of us can carry on walking through life as if none of this happening. i know i cant. remember what has TRUE value in life. it isn’t the necklace around your neck or the ring on your finger.

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Panda Ant - (Mutillidae)

The panda ant lives life in solitude, thats because it isnt an ant at all. 

It is one of over 3000 species of female wasp that lives its life on the ground. Otherwise known as Velvet Ants, the Panda Ant has an immensely painful sting and one of the toughest exoskeletons in the insect world. 

The male wasp’s of this family carry no sting, and are virtually unrecognizable in comparison. unless caught in the act of mating its hard to tell which wasp’s goes with which or if interbreeding is present.

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IM BACK! so after leaving my laptop at my parents house for nearly a month, im back.. so watch this space and i may have some uploads soon :D 

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Beeer pong

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i think im gonna do a whole lot of not sleeping tonight, in accordance with section 1a of my fucked up sleep patterns.. 

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news these days seems to be less and less informative.. just people complaining about some pointless shit that doesnt even matter.. its times like these i thank fuck for wikipedia.. knowledge is a weapon, arm yourself

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Ever seen the movie girl next door where he falls in love with that porn star?.. my thoughts exactly when i see this girl.. 

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sweet video with the hottest redhead on the planet.. faye reagan

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Canis Lupus - (the difference faces of the wolf family)

There are over 35 seperate species in the wolf family. Here are 10 of my favourites. (from top down)

- Arcitc Wolf (Canis Lupus Arctos)
- Eastern Wolf (Canis Lupus Lycaon)
- Iberian Wolf (Canis Lupus Signatus)
- Gregorys Wolf (Canis Lupus Gregoryi)
- Mackenzie Valley Wolf (Canis Lupus Occidentalis)
- Eurasian Wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus)
- Hudson Bay Wolf (Canis Lupus Hudsonicus)
- Red Wolf (Canis Lupus Rufus) - also the most rare of the list
- Labrador Wolf (Canis Lupus Labradorius)
- Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis Lupus irremotus)

Also noteworthy, due to the rarity of Canis Lupus Rufus (the red wolf) most wolves in captivity under the banner “red wolf” are actually Gregory’s Wolf. The red wolf is also morphologically half way between the Gray Wolf and the Coyote.

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